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Website Design Process

1. Website Proposal / Costs

The first stage will normally be a face to face meeting where we discuss your requirements & gather information about your products or services, such as:

  • The purpose of your website
  • The goal of your website
  • Your target audience
  • Your website content

I will then present an outline proposal of the website, and a website design price based on the information provided.

Payment Stage

A deposit payment of 25% of the agreed cost be payed prior to commencement of stage 2.

2. Website Planning

Using the information gathered in stage 1 I will draw up a flow chart of how the website will be structured, this site map will cover the main areas of the site, as well as sub categories. This serves as a guide to what content will be on the site, and is essential in developing a clear and consistent navigational system.

Note: Larger websites with more technical development will require more detailed planning and a tighter specification document.

This stage must be agreed by all parties before design & development begins, as amendments to this after the following stages will incur extra costs.

3. Website Design

This stage I will produce visual concepts of the web site based on information gathered in stages 1 & 2.

These concepts will likely be presented as .jpg files uploaded to be viewed online via a web browser.

Note: at this stage it is essential that the you are happy with the design layouts, as layout amendments after this stage can become costly, as they will require both design & coding alterations.

Important Reminder

As mentioned above, at stage 3 it is agreed that this is the design that will be developed into a functioning web site, any amendments to the site structure or layout after the following stages will incur additional costs.

This is because of the extra work involved in alterations to the templates, & depending on the alterations required this can become costly!

Payment Stage

A further payment of 25% of the agreed cost be payed prior to the commencement of the HTML development (stage 4).

4. HTML Development

At this stage I will take the approved designs and create the HTML templates that will be required in the following stage, these are working versions of how the site will appear.

They will show navigation, rollovers, and any responsive design elements, they will not show working versions of sliders, & interactive animated content.

I will also test the templates in a variety of the most commonly used web browsers to ensure they display as required, I will also ensure the coding passes CSS & HTML validation.

Approval of stage 4 is required prior to the progression of stage 5.

Payment Stage

A third payment of 25% of the agreed cost be payed prior to the commencement of the functioning web site development (stage 5).

5. Website Development

Web site content

At this stage you should have your content ready to supply for inclusion on the site.

Don’t panic if you don’t feel confident about your copywriting skills or photography, I can put you in contact with some great web site copywriters & photographers.

Web Development

I will take this content & the agreed templates code them into a functioning website.

I will also incorporate the interactive elements such as image sliders, forms, shopping carts and admin system.

I will then upload the site to a test server (hidden from search engines & the public) for your approval.

I will again test the coding so it meets current CSS & HTML coding standards.

6. Testing & Delivery

Once stage 5 is approved I will redeploy the website to the live server, redirecting any domain names as required.

I will again test the site to ensure all elements are working correctly.

You should also thoroughly test the site, send test form submissions, and advise me of any issues so I can correct these.

I will then allow search engines to index the website. This marks the official launch of the web site.

Payment Stage

After the launch of the web site the final payment of the outstanding 25%. Plus any extra costs incurred by alterations / additions not originally agreed.

Why Payment Stages?

Payment in stages firstly helps spread the costs for you, it also ensures that we both have a vested interest in & are committed to producing a valuable asset to your business.

It also covers the work I have done, & allows you to be confident in the progression of the project.

Website Hosting & Website Maintenance

Website Hosting

I can also use your existing hosting if this is still fit for purpose. Or I can provide web site hosting & acquire domain names if required.

Essential Website Maintenance

Most CMS websites these days are based on a OpenSource platform, which is freely available.

These systems are constantly updated to avoid security issues from hacking. These systems & any plugins used should be updated regularly for security & to ensure the site maintains functionality.

For a fixed monthly fee I will download a back-up of the site, keep your website up-to-date and test the updates still function correctly, ensuring your website is back up and running as soon as possible.

Website Content Updates

If you feel that updating your website content is something you would rather leave to someone else, I can offer regular content updates for a monthly retainer.

We can arrange a fixed cost based on anticipated updates/ amends, which we can review every 3 months to ensure you are getting the best value.

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